Jerusalem- Home of Caiaphas, Church of the Holy Sepulcher and The Garden Tomb

Our last day in the city of Jerusalem was full of memorable places and teachings!

Mike and Lor in the Jewish Quarter

We enjoyed a teaching inside the ruins of a house similar to what Caiaphas would have lived in.

Church of holy sepulcher commemorating the death of Jesus 

In the courtyard of the Church of Holy Sepulcher 
View of the Temple Mount Dome of the Rock and Mount of Olives during our lunch
Barbara and Mercia are bookends to three Johns at lunch! John Wilson, John Earl,
and John Welch. Rabbi John, are you nearby? 😉

Rabbi John appropriately offered the teaching on Jesus trials just outside of Herod’s palace.

Golgatha is one of the places believed to be where Jesus was crucified. 
Coming out of a tomb that was one similar to where Jesus was buried. 
The empty tomb

It was our last night together so we savored our time around tables and added some new experiences!

Bob tries out a hookah 
Many thanks to this great guy who took care of details and people during this tour and added a lot to the memory making as we followed Rabbi John!
Rabbi John…who taught us, inspired us, and forever changed the way we will read the Bible!

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