Branson, Day 2

It was a GUMBY day! Unfortunately, a powerful thunderstorm rolled in while we slept, or for some, didn’t sleep. And, as forecasted, but wishfully hoped wasn’t going to happen, it rained allllllll day! So, we made a plan B.

So we headed off to visit a castle, well, it was actually Woodland Hills Church, and enjoyed worshipping there. This church community moved into a vacated amusement park, thus repurposing the property. We were sent off with a challenge to be ‘a friend of sinners’.

We had some time to rest during the afternoon, before and after a visit to the Titanic Museum. Each of us were given the boarding pass with a short biography of a passenger on the ship. After learning about the ship, it’s voyage, and it’s fate, in the end, we were able to find out whether our passenger had perished or survived. Photography wasn’t allowed so we can’t share our experience with you.

Our final outing of the day was to Cracker Barrel, where everyone enjoyed the Southern cookin’ offered there…AND, the shopping! You should have seen all the bags! We saw lots of clothing and trinkets purchased, but one guest bought a beautiful quilt for her bedroom!

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