Branson, Day 1

Today was a BIG day! We had two spectacular shows in one day! 

The first was Sampson, the current Biblical musical performance offered at the Sight and Sound Theater. Each of us left impressed with an insightful message that was delivered through the words spoken and sung.  A message that reminded us that Sampson was not an irredeemable failure as many have believed, but that despite his choices and mistakes, God used it all for something good! And that even when we’re weak, we can still become strong, when we’re blind to something, we just might have a chance to see a different perspective and that grace triumphs over judgment.

We enjoyed a beautiful journey through the winding roads of the Ozark Mountains to Eureka Springs for our next show, the Great Passion Play, a grand performance of the life and death of Jesus in an outdoor theater. We first wandered around the old town for a little while, exploring the nooks and crannies of this unique town, along with hundreds of Corvettes and their owners!

A storm arrived cutting short our visit to Eureka Springs and threatening our ability to enjoy the Passion Play in the outdoor ampitheater, but it all worked out! We were even able to visit the Christ of the Ozarks Statue since the storm passed through! We enjoyed a beautiful night under the moon lit sky, watching the story of Jesus’ final week on the stage!

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  1. Jean Van Dyken on October 6, 2019 at 10:20 pm

    Thanks for sharing your story for the day! Fun to see what you are up to!

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