Atlanta-Day 2

Thankful that we haven’t seen a drop of rain on the tour, we once again received a great weather report for the day! Today we appreciated it because we spent some time outside at the Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta. Our day started at CNN and the Football Hall of Fame and ended at the Center for Civil and Human Rights, all of which are located along this park.

The Atlanta Cityscape

CNN is an impressive place to visit due to all the real time investigating and reporting that occurs within the walls of the building! We traveled up the largest freestanding elevator into the globe at the top…where connections all over the world exist! Interesting to note, we entered through security checks and were followed by security people standing at attention in every room we visited. And…were denied photos during the tour. 🙁

We started our tour inside this globe.
June tries out for a job as a news reporter!

The Football Hall of Fame was a fun stop for those of us who had a favorite team. Guests were invited to identify and register their tags with their favorite team upon entry. Once inside, the interactive stations within were able to connect with the tag, identify the wearer of the tag, and then personalize the activity at the station.

Herman and Sharon register their name with their favorite team!
Sharon and Jeanette
Barbara and Bill
Chick-fil-A lunch was beside the football field

There were a couple of hours of free time after lunch. Some chose to visit CocaCola and others wandered the park area.

The final stop of the day was at the Center for Human and Civil Rights, which had some very moving displays and exhibits. After having been reminded of MLK and his passion, this center ignited conversations about how we were doing as a country relative to integration and honoring the differences in people.

A very moving experience…engaging in a “sit-in” and gaining understanding of what it was like to be a victim of the violence. Several of us walked away in tears.
MLK speech and film segments from the March in Washington DC

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